The Hitman

My favorite portrait of the year – both the sitting/subject, and the result.  That’s World Champ, Masters, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kevin Brown.




A couple favorites from an Olukai shoot a couple months ago.  We were going for a beach campfire type theme.  First time in a loooong time that I put some gels over strobes.  Nice to work with folks that want to get it right at time of capture





Badger Pass Lodge

I recently went on assignment for Page & Turnbull to photograph the newly restored Badger Pass Lodge.  The new deck was the primary feature of the addition.  This was a tricky one.  The assignment was, specifically, to show “contemporary addition with historic building.”  Note in the “BEFORE” photos below that I had a fair amount of starkness to deal with.  My solution was to use very narrow windows of natural light to highlight the clean lines.  Clean lines accentuate the modern.  I then tried to frame these clean lines with the softer, more organic original structure and the environment itself.   The idea, then, was to maintain the character and integrity of a historic landmark, and show a contemporary addition.  I’m thinking the result is a harmonious balance between old and new, and natural and man made….


Before1_BLOG Before2_BLOG















Gearing Up

You know its going to be an interesting shoot when the first two items packed are 1) Jet Boil and 2) bear canister.  Stoked on this assignment…



Here’s a little composite of some OLED demos I photographed recently.  Coolest luminaires I’ve ever seen.  This is one of a small group of new designs…